Vilati Gyártó  PLC. is a Hungarian, private owned entreprise with 160-180 personell and 1,6-2 billion HUF net sales per year (6-7,5 M EUR). We are dealing with sheet cutting, edge bending, welding (carbon steel- , stainless steel- and aluminum welding), painting and surface treatment, mechanical and electric assembly.

Firstly such kind of customer's needs are fulfilled where the persistent, excellent quality, the competitive price and the accurate delivery deadline enjoy high priority. Our customers commonly are assembly plants with a well-known brand name in their own market, especially in the railway and other industry.

Vilati Gyártó  PLC. constantly extends capacity and pays particular attention to the product quality shipped to customers. Our most important goal is to remain a stable partner in our customers' supplier chain. 





Address: 3300 EGER, Faiskola street. 9. Tel.: +36 (36) 511 840 Fax: +36 (36) 511 843 E-mail: