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Main activities

With our qualified team and modern machinery, we offer the following activities: Sheet metal cutting and bending, machining, welding, surface treatment and painting as well as mechanical and electrical pre-assembly.

Main activities

Activities - capacities

Laser cutting:
Trumpf 2x Fiber
1x CO2
1x Bystronic fiber

Trumpf (Trumatic 500, Trumatic 3000)
1x EHRT copper bar punching machine

Edge bending:
7x Trumpf (50T to 200T pressing force)
1x Bystronic
1x Stierli-Bieger bar bending machine

Plate shears:
1x Amada (3m)

Sawing machine for bar material:
1x Kasto

Straightening machine:
1x Kohler straightening machine

Robot welding:
1x, power type: DC, Panasonic H-frame

Stud welding: 3x
Spot welding: 3x
MAG: 17x (DC)
TIG: 6x (DC), 14x (AC/DC)

1x NCT CNC machining centre
1x NCT CNC lathe
SBZ aluminium profile machining (6m)

PEM insertion press:
2x PEM machines for self-clinching fasteners

Sheet metal deburring:
1x Lissmac
1x Gecam sheet metal deburrer

2-component adhesive application machine

Powder coating:
3m x 0.7m x 1.2m working area
2x booths
1x curing oven

Solvent-based painting:
6m x 4m x 2m working area
1x sanding booth
3x spray booths

TOX clinching process

Surface treatment:
Degreasing, pickling, passivation,
pre-treatment plant for zinc phosphating (800x3300x1000 mm), galvanising

Capacity large image

Sheet metal cutting (laser cutting, punching): 11 personas

Edge bending: 12 personas

Turning: 5 personas

Welding: Aluminium - 10 persons, stainless steel - 5 persons, carbon steel - 13 persons

Mechanical assembly 36 personas

Electrical assembly: 23 personas

Paintshop: 12 personas

Technological department: 10 personas

Quality: 12 personas

Packaging: 6 personas


Vilati Gyártó Zrt. carries out high-quality production processes on an area of 8 hectares and a building area of 33,000 square metres.

Every hall and every square metre has its purpose, so that we can carry out our activities as efficiently and professionally as possible.

First class quality since 1967

Since its foundation in 1967, Vilati Gyártó Zrt. has continuously expanded its capacities, paying special attention to the quality of its products. Our most important goal is to remain a stable partner in the supply chain of our satisfied customers.